What is the difference between full rated and up rated pool motors?

Up Rated or Max Rated is nothing more than a marketing tool that the swimming Pool manufacturers use to pass off a lower horse power motor as a higher horse power motor. Simply they show you a 1 HP up rated motor which in reality is a 3/4 HP full rated motor. The 3/4 HP full rated pump comes off of the exact same assembly line as the 1 HP up rated pump. All the parts are the same. The only difference is the label. But since it read 1 HP they get to charge more for the item but yet they do not have as much time and materials in the product so they make more money per unit.

Some manufacturers have taken this a step farther by only offering certain new pumps with up rated motors such as the Hayward Super Pump. If you buy a Hayward Super Pump you'll get what Hayward calls a Max Rated motor which is just another term for Up Rated. There is nothing wrong with Up Rated or Max Rated but we here at Az Pool Supply believe you as a consumer need all the facts when your choosing your new pool/spa equipment. That is why any time we offer a Up Rated or Max Rated product we list it in the title and in the product description that the item is Up Rated.

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