What is the average cost to build a pool in Arizona?

Understanding the Scope of Pool Costs

In Arizona, one of the fastest growing states in the US, an inground pool is a common backyard luxury. However, with a wide price range between $27,000 and $105,000, the cost can seem daunting. In this guide, we delve deeper into what determines these costs, providing you with information to make the best decision for your budget, preferences, and backyard space.

Vinyl Liner Pool$27,000 to $69,000
Concrete Pool$53,000 to $105,000
Fiberglass Pool$42,000 to $90,000

Inground Pool Costs in Arizona: A Quick Overview

Vinyl Liner Pools

The most cost-effective of the three, vinyl liner pools, can range between $27,000 to $69,000. This price depends heavily on the pool's size, design, and any additional accessories or upgrades chosen.

Cutting Costs on Vinyl Liner Pools

Several factors can decrease the total price:

  • Opt for a smaller pool size
  • Select metal walls over polymer
  • Take a DIY approach to parts of the project
  • Choose a thinner liner
  • Decide on a concrete pool deck
  • Add pool accessories later
  • Expand your patio at a later date

Despite Arizona's high temperatures, vinyl liner pools fare quite well. However, it's crucial to avoid draining your pool and leaving it empty, as the sun's heat can crack the liner.

Concrete Pools

Concrete, also known as gunite or shotcrete pools, fall into the $53,000 to $105,000 price bracket. As with vinyl, the final cost is dependent on size, material choice, and added accessories.

Reducing Costs on Concrete Pools

Here are ways to save on your concrete pool:

  • Build a smaller, shallower pool
  • Choose a plaster finish
  • Opt for a concrete patio
  • Add features and accessories later
  • Expand your patio at a later time

Concrete pools are popular in Arizona, and they perform well in warmer climates. However, if the temperature drops significantly and freezing occurs, it can cause the concrete to crack, leading to leaks and other structural issues.

Fiberglass Pools

Finally, fiberglass pools can cost anywhere between $42,000 to $90,000, depending on their size and installation specifics. When say fiberglass pool we are talk about a fiberglass shells not sprayed in fiberglass.

Lowering Costs on Fiberglass Pools

To make a fiberglass pool more affordable:

  • Choose a smaller pool model
  • Opt for offseason installation
  • Choose a concrete patio
  • Add accessories later
  • Expand your patio at a later date

Fiberglass pools perform exceedingly well in a wide range of climates, not negatively affected by hot or cold weather. Their flexibility and durability can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.

Factors That Influence Pool Costs

When estimating the cost of a pool, numerous factors come into play. Here are some primary aspects that can impact your final budget:

  • Backyard Access: The width of the access from the street to the pool location can influence costs, as narrower accesses require smaller excavation equipment.
  • Structural Changes: Any modifications needed, such as the removal of walls or gates, will increase the price.
  • Elevation Changes: Varying elevations, existing retaining walls, or significant demolition can result in additional costs.
  • Special Engineering: Drastic elevations, hillside lots, difficult permit jurisdictions, unpermitted work onsite, or structural construction can increase engineering costs.
  • Pregrade Work: The site of the pool must be cleared, possibly involving additional costs.
  • Soil Conditions: Rocky, expansive, or unique soils might increase excavation or structural reinforcement costs.
  • Cleaning Systems: Opting for specific cleaning systems can increase costs. Automatic cleaners are cost effective way to go.
  • Utility Runs: Long distances between pool equipment and electrical panels can increase expenses.
  • Decking Area: If the deck square footage exceeds what is included in the standard package, this will be charged based on the additional area.
  • Pool Size and Depth: Larger and deeper pools will require more resources, thus increasing costs.
  • Heater: Adding a heater to your pool will entail extra costs for gas lines, permits, or electric costs for pump installation. Cost of a new Heater.
  • Additional Features: Extras like a baja shelf, water feature, fire feature, or spa will raise the overall cost.
  • Safety Barriers: Most cities require safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, which can add to the cost.

Making the Best Decision for Your Backyard

Choosing the right pool for your backyard depends on your individual needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Armed with this guide, you can now make an informed decision on what pool type suits your Arizona home best.

In summary, the cost of installing a pool in Arizona is influenced by a multitude of factors, with prices varying wildly based on these considerations. As such, anyone looking to make such an investment should do their due diligence, solicit quotes from multiple local pool suppliers, and carefully compare these estimates to ensure they secure the most favorable deal.

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